Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Talk

Today is the big prep for Thanksgiving tomorrow. As usual we are doing our annual dinner at the firehouse. Todd volunteered to work so that another guy who lives out of the area could spend Thanksgiving with his son. My husband is such a sweetheart. Being that it's a group dinner I am only in charge of a few items... stuffing, green bean casserole, homemade dinner rolls, and a dessert. I am actually making two desserts. Todd LOVES candied yams with brown sugar and marshmallows. Hopefully he's not disappointed but I decided to try to make a sweet potato pie instead. I have never made one before but I found an easy recipe. I also made bite-size pumpkin pies in a mini muffin pan and then I baked them inside of a regular size cupcake. I topped them off with a cream cheese buttercream that I spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of ginger. Words cannot describe!! Todd wanted to try one tonight so he and his partner made the trek over to the house from work in the freezing cold to pick up a few.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cupcake Provocateur Giveaway!

Haven't had much time to update lately. Regan has been sick with croup which has not been fun at all. Work has also been crazy busy and I just haven't had  much of a chance to post lately. I have a few updates that I hope to post soon. I've been working on some applique projects and also started on my apron for the Flirty Apron Swap, Frosted Flurries swap. It's very traditional, which I hope my partner will like it. She mentioned traditional several times so that's the route I took. I found an adorable pattern that was similar to the pattern that she picked out.
I do want to mention one important thing today since tomorrow is the last day to enter. Check out this awesome giveaway sponsored by one of my favorite apron makers. Cupcake Provocateur designs are fantastic and some are super sexy!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beez Kneez!

Just a quick entry but I'm very excited so I had to take a moment to post this...
The Beez Kneez is finally getting off the ground! I just made it a page on Facebook and it already has a few "likes". Most are friends of my personal page but not all of them. I'm hoping to start taking orders soon so that I can get out items for Christmas. I just added two galleries of designs for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Woo hoo!!

The Beez Kneez

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh the shopping I have planned!

Thursday evening we are off to Oregon to visit the familia. I'm super excited because we haven't been there since March. At that time Regan was just starting to stand but not taking any steps yet. Now, she's running, and climbing, and into everything. I'm sure her grandparents and aunts are going to go nutso over her. She's has such a fun and quirky personality. We decided to make it a night drive in an attempt to keep it as peaceful as possible. Ten hours in the car with a toddler does not sound like fun to me. We are hoping she sleeps the majority of the trip. Keeping our fingers crossed! If it doesn't go as we have planned then I at least hope that God gives me more than my daily dose of patience that day because He knows I am going to need it.
While in the Portland area I have my sights set on Fabric Depot!! I have never been and only read about it online. I have heard that it's one of the largest fabric stores in the whole country. There is a pretty good chance I am going to need a few hours there. Todd has promised me some time alone there, since he certainly isn't interested in spending any more time in a fabric store than absolutely necessary. While checking out their website I found so many Christmas fabrics that have inspired many projects in my head, including a few aprons. I am certain I can find a few options for the Frosted Flurries apron swap that I will need to get started on as soon as we return. I will probably pick up fabrics for a few different designs since I won't really know what would suit my partner until after I return.
Also, this evening I ordered a new embroidery machine online. It will arrive on Thursday. I have so many ideas for it. I know so many people who have paid a lot of money for custom embroidered children's items, including myself. Oh the potential!!! I hope to get it mastered before the holidays get into full swing so I can make up some custom Christmas gifts.
One more project in the works... scented hot pads!! Delicious.