Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cutie Pie Swap Package Arrived!!

On Friday I received the most adorable swap package in the mail from Kelly M in Colorado. We participated in the Flirty Cutie Pie Apron Swap and I had the pleasure of having Kelly as my swap partner. She did a fantastic job personalizing a package just for me. She sent the most adorable apron ever. It reminds me of either Spring flowers or yummy taffy. There is ruffles and stripes and polka-dots, my favorites!! Regan was kind enough to model the apron for a few quick photos.

Kelly also included three fat-quarters of cutsie pink pattern fabrics. I already used some of one of the quarters to make Regan some fabric covered barrettes. She also tucked-in an amazing smelling sweet pea candle and a very country cottage heart wall hanging that I plan to leave up year-round. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect apron swap! Thank you Kelly.

Green with Anticipation

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching. Many people think of St. Patty's Day as a drinking holiday... green beer, Irish carbombs, Irish whiskey, the likes. I'm not a drinker, an occasional cold beer on a summer evening with dinner or a glass of wine while enjoying a yummy Italian meal is about the extent of my drinking adventures these days. There are other very enjoyable elements to the green holiday. Delicious corned beef and cabbage, shepherds pie, Irish scones. Yummy!! I also love all of the decorations of the holiday.
I just made Regan some adorable St. Patty's Day ribbon barrettes. I hope she will leave them in her hair. She's not great about wearing hats or leaving in fun hair accessories. She doesn't really have much hair yet so it's hard to keep a lot of hair bows in anyways.

I also picked up some adorable shamrock and ladybug fabric to make some ruffle pants. Maybe I'll make those up this next 4-day. I have a great pattern for the most adorable pants with big ol' ruffles on the bottom and they are so quick to make. The fabric is also very glittery!

Now I'm on the lookout for the perfect embroidery design for her tshirt. If time allows I would also like to make her a smock top to wear with her pants. So many things I could do if  "time would allow".

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kitty Party Attire

Today I embroidered a "Hello Kitty" tshirt for a little girl who is suppose to be the same age as my daughter. She is celebrating her 2nd birthday this weekend and is having a Kitty party. Little Alessandra was born premature and spent the first few months of her life in the NICU. Now she is a thriving toddler. To give you an idea how early she was... Regan doesn't turn 2 until MAY!
This was a really fun shirt to make. It's so stinkin cute. Regan loves to watch my embroidery machine go to work but it's a constant battle to keep her from pushing the button and not get her little hands too close. This is why nearly all of my crafting and sewing is done late in the evening. The name looks crooked in the photo but it's really not. Just some wrinkles after wetting and drying it to get rid of the marks I put on it to line everything up.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Herd

It's been beautiful California weather here for the past week and a half. 70 degrees, sunshine, a little breezy but not windy. Wonderful weather. Regan has been in Seventh Heaven. She loves being outside. She would stay outside from sun-up to sun-down if we would let her. I just know it's going to be a constant battle this Summer. If she could spend all day outside and in the water she would be in pure bliss. She is such a mermaid too. We spent a few hours outside playing ball, riding her trike, and playing at the park. She is getting too big way too fast. I don't know where my little baby went.

Call me crazy. Do it! I am a nut. A toddler and a puppy! Potty training two creatures at the same time is going to be a serious challenge. But, one look at those little puppy dog eyes and I just couldn't help myself. Meet Sir Oliver Fluffington. Well really we named Ollie but it's mandatory for our pets to have royal names. Ollie is a 9 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Toy Poodle cross. He has the shortest little legs, and stumpy little tail that wiggles like crazy when he gets excited, and the softest (non-shedding!!) hair. He's such a love bug and he will cuddle as long as you will let him. He has made himself quite at home. Regan is in love love love with him after just a few days. 

Can't leave out some adorable pictures that I took of our girl Darby Louise. She's adjusting to the new puppy and gets a little grumpy with him. I can just hear her mumble "kids" under her breath when he is chewing and yanking on her fluffy tail. 

Funky Chickens!!

Last week I ordered my fabric for the Hot Mama Apron Swap. This is my first swap with Val and the girls. I'm so excited. Some of the participants are the same girls over at Flirty Apron Swap. The theme for this swap is chickens!! What a fun theme. There are so many adorable chicken fabrics out there, trust me, I have looked. I found some great fabric by Ellen Krans online that isn't available in stores until next month which makes it even more exciting. My partner, Jill, specifically said that she likes red, and black, and white... perfect! I can't wait to get started on her apron. I'm hoping to finish it up this 4-day and get it in the mail.

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Valentine's Day. I wish I was able to spend it with my Valentine but alas I am on duty today. He was such a sweetheart and brought me the most gorgeous bouquet of calla lilies in a pretty pink Valentine tin. They are stunning! I wish I could take a photo and post them but being at work I would have to use my phone and it wouldn't possibly show how beautiful they are. He also brought me a funny and cute card. He's such a wonderful person.

Last week I mailed off my apron swap package for Flirty Apron Swap's Cutie Pie swap. I heard from my partner Rita a few days ago and she was thrilled with what I put together for her. I was so excited to hear from her. Here is a sample of what I put together for her.