Friday, October 29, 2010

Working at the day job (and night job too).

I haven't had any exciting updates for the blog the past few days because I have been busy at the job that brings home the bacon. One third of my life is spent being a firefighter and paramedic for a local government fire department. Second best job in the world, topped only be my primary job of being a mommy.
These days are tiring and complicated because I have a paramedic intern. You would think having an intern would make life cushy and easy since I'm in more of a sit-back-and-watch position but it's stressful making sure that my intern learns all the skills that she needs and doesn't kill anyone. Ha! So far, so good.
Tomorrow starts the Halloween weekend and I am excited. Regan, my toddler, is going to be a ladybug for Halloween. There isn't much happening locally but we will find something fun and exciting to do together. Todd, my husband and her oh-so-wonderful daddy, will be working so it will just be the two of us all weekend. Todd is also a firefighter and paramedic. He works for the same department as I do. We have been married for 13 years as of last August!! Just to clear the air, we were married long before we started working together. We actually were married for about 5 years before we decided to go through and EMT class together and it completely changed our career paths. We loved it and went on to go through the fire academy together and then paramedic school. Surprisingly we made it through all of that together without killing each other. That's a feat! We both love our career choice and can't imagine doing anything else. I guess you could call us both adrenaline junkies who love the adventure of the unknown. Everyday is completely different at work and we have learned to expect the unexpected.
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