Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Herd

It's been beautiful California weather here for the past week and a half. 70 degrees, sunshine, a little breezy but not windy. Wonderful weather. Regan has been in Seventh Heaven. She loves being outside. She would stay outside from sun-up to sun-down if we would let her. I just know it's going to be a constant battle this Summer. If she could spend all day outside and in the water she would be in pure bliss. She is such a mermaid too. We spent a few hours outside playing ball, riding her trike, and playing at the park. She is getting too big way too fast. I don't know where my little baby went.

Call me crazy. Do it! I am a nut. A toddler and a puppy! Potty training two creatures at the same time is going to be a serious challenge. But, one look at those little puppy dog eyes and I just couldn't help myself. Meet Sir Oliver Fluffington. Well really we named Ollie but it's mandatory for our pets to have royal names. Ollie is a 9 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Toy Poodle cross. He has the shortest little legs, and stumpy little tail that wiggles like crazy when he gets excited, and the softest (non-shedding!!) hair. He's such a love bug and he will cuddle as long as you will let him. He has made himself quite at home. Regan is in love love love with him after just a few days. 

Can't leave out some adorable pictures that I took of our girl Darby Louise. She's adjusting to the new puppy and gets a little grumpy with him. I can just hear her mumble "kids" under her breath when he is chewing and yanking on her fluffy tail. 

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  1. Can you send some of that nice weather my way? It's been in the 20's here.
    It's nice your baby loves the outdoors. Babies do grow up fast, that's for sure. Mine just turned seven and I swear it happened in the blink of an eye. By the way, Ollie is adorable and Darby is sweet too.